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Started in January 2018, Project Backpack was created solely with the mission to help children in the country of Honduras. The children served live in impoverished areas and the main focus is to give these children a chance to get better education by providing them with tools they need to attend school.

Over the course of the last 4 years over 10,000 children have been given backpacks and supplies. Each year that passes by with your support we're able to reach more and more children and visit different areas.


With the help of our sponsors and of local churches in Honduras, our team set out in January on a mission to get backpacks, school supplies and toiletries into the hands of these children. 


As students return to the classroom after a year like no other, we understand the need for backpacks and school supplies is greater than ever in these areas of Honduras.

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Project Backpack is operated entirely by volunteers and all donations are used to help the children we serve. By donating regardless of the amount, becoming a sponsor or sharing this project on social media, you are helping!

The children you help through this project will be filled with hope, joy and excitement as they start the school year. Your donation will provide children the opportunity to start school with the tools needed to be successful.

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